About Us

Our founder grew up in Japan eating shirataki – noodles made from a root vegetable called konjac and a Japanese food staple since the 6th century. She already knew shirataki noodles were delicious and healthy. But she also understood some people were deterred from appreciating this traditional food by the ‘fishy’ aroma when you open its package. Her goal was to bring to market a product that would retain the essence of shirataki noodles without any unpleasant odor. We are pleased to offer a new and improved version of the noodles that’s better for the American market than the traditional type.

GoSkinny Noodles are certified USDA organic, Kosher, and completely odorless. They’re also double-packed to provide an extra layer of protection during transit. So say no to other brands and GoSkinny Noodles!

Why GoSkinny Noodles?

  • ✓ Organic
  • ✓ Odorless
  • ✓ 10 Calories
  • ✓ 3g Net Carbs
  • ✓ Keto/Paleo Friendly
  • ✓ Gluten Free
  • ✓ 0 Fat
  • ✓ 0 Sodium
  • ✓ Vegan
  • ✓ Kosher
  • ✓ Less Water
  • ✓ Double Packed for Safety